Under Gaden is the name of Aarhus Volumes annual festival at Ringgadebroen in Aarhus K.

Gadefest På Godsbanen in 2016 was the start of what would become one of the biggest cultural events in Aarhus and the foundation for the establishment of Aarhus Volume. With 10.000 participants the first year Aarhus Volume established it self as one of the biggest players in the cultural environment of Aarhus.

Urban genres like

Hiphop, electronic and R&B

With a focus on the urban genres such as hiphop, electronic and R&B Under Gaden provides a platform and a stage for the less common styles to unfold on which provides great joy for both artist and guest. Every year Under Gaden provides a range of supplements to the music with graffiti painters, talks, workshops and street sport events which all takes place parallel to the concerts during the two days of the festival.

Even though the framework has become more firm with time, the content of every festival has been unique for the individual year.

the creative

contraction force

Aarhus Volume erupts from the cultural platform Institut for (X) which acts as a hub for the growth layer environment in Aarhus. Besides that it has acted as frame for the first three festivals. The creative contractile force which Institut for (X) provides has meant that each year the festival is influenced and inspired by all the other passionate people who is a part of the community on an everyday basis. Whether it is Andromeda8220. who helped developing the "talks" element for the festival or if it is a samba parade by Aarhuspanti. Many years in Institut for (x) have given Aarhus Volume a lot of friends and collaborators who every year is a big part of making the content of each Under Gaden unique.

Since 2016 where the festival took place in the area surrounding Institut for (X) the festival now has moved to the opposite end of "Den Grønne Kile" to the area beneath Ringgadebroen. Therefore the name Under Gaden

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