One core value that Aarhus Volume have worked with and build it self around from day one is team spirit and the feel free to fuck up philosophy

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Just a DJ Night: Conducta

Ravi Kuma

D. 7 april 2023

Afro Night: Flexfab & Ziller Bas

d. 25. november 2022


d. 17. marts 2023

Julie Pavon

d. 24. februar 2023

Hiphop Night: Mas

d. 9. december 2022



Aarhus Volume has from its beginning pushed the limits for what you can achieve as a young cultural entrepreneur

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Shooter gang x Baloosh


d. 12 november 2022

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d. 21. oktober 2022

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Volume Village Beta

1 - 3. september

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Avenue One is the biggest project Aarhus Volume have ever done. Four weeks filled with music, art, talks and much much more! Keep an eye open - Much more is on the way!

The Cultural Association

aarhus volume

The Cultural Association Aarhus Volume is a team of young entrepreneurs that creates and facilitates cultural events, mainly surrounding music.

The Association was founded in 2016 and today it is located at Institut for (X) at Godsbanen in Aarhus K. Since the association was founded it has delivered countless of parties and concerts. Above everything else is the annual festival "Under Gaden" that takes place beneath Ringgadebroen. The association has its main focus on the underground environment and to represent the urban musical genres.

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Aarhus Volume has from its beginning pushed the limits for what you can achieve as a young cultural entrepreneur









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the basis of existence

Our Family

Today Aarhus Volume has an office with a handfull of employees. Besides that Aarhus Volume consist of a crazy mix of people. Crew and all the voluntary power is the whole basis of existence for the association. Crew are the members and consist of a mix of people from back in the day who started everything to all of those who have since joined to stay. All the projects we make couldn't have been without the whole team.

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Under Gaden is the name of Aarhus Volumes annual festival at Ringgadebroen in Aarhus K.

Gadefest På Godsbanen in 2016 was the start of what would become one of the biggest cultural events in Aarhus and the foundation for the establishment of Aarhus Volume. With 10.000 participants the first year Aarhus Volume established it self as one of the biggest players in the cultural environment of Aarhus.

Under gaden